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Price of membrane structure shed
How much is one square meter for membrane structure shed? Three look!
Look at the performance. As we all know, the performance of any product is the most important orientation to determine the price, of course, the membrane structure is no exception! The tensile, durable and compressive properties of membrane structure directly determine the price of membrane structure shed. For example, the membrane materials are divided into PTFE, PVDF, ETFE, etc. the price of each material is different, and the price of the membrane structure shed is different when the materials are different. Some membrane structure shed steel structure part uses more, some less, some uses square steel, some uses welded pipe, some uses H-shaped steel. Therefore, the use of steel structure is not the same, the material is not the same, resulting in the overall membrane structure shed price is not the same.
Second, look at the shape. The unique and exquisite shape of membrane structure is another key to determine its price. Through certain technical means, set up the required shape for customers, and the difficulty of construction is also related to the price of membrane structure shed.
Third, function. The function of membrane structure also determines the price of membrane structure shed. Some membrane materials are single-sided self-cleaning, some are double-sided self-cleaning, some are general in compression, some are strong in compression. The more functions, the higher the price of membrane structure shed. Therefore, when purchasing the film structure shed, we must pay more attention to fully understand the function of the film structure shed. In case the price difference is too big.



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