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Is the film material of film structure shed made in China or imported good?
As an important part of membrane structure construction, the quality of membrane material directly determines the mechanical strength and service life of the whole membrane structure construction project. Now there are many kinds of construction membrane materials on the market, with numerous brands and uneven quality. In addition, there is no corresponding unified standard in the processing process of membrane materials, so how to ensure the quality of membrane structure in the production process What about the quality of membrane materials?
Nowadays, the membrane materials in the market are mainly divided into two categories: imported and domestic. The price difference is relatively large. For PVDF membrane materials commonly used by us, the average price of imported membrane materials is more than 60-70 yuan higher than that of domestic ones. We recommend the use of well-known old brands in the selection of membrane materials, such as: Duken, heides, Milo, German sideler, Ferrari, and domestic ones like: Zhejiang Xingyi The main differences between imported and domestic membrane materials are self-cleaning and warranty period. The warranty period of imported membrane materials is generally about 15 years, and that of domestic membrane materials is about 10-15 years. Therefore, when selecting membrane materials, we should consider the construction structure with certain requirements for service life, strength, span, tension and so on according to the specific conditions of the project We recommend the use of imported membrane materials to avoid subsequent maintenance and reduce the cost of replacement in the next ten years; however, for small span canopy such as car shed, we recommend the use of domestic membrane materials with higher cost performance.



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